Toyota Royal Motors is a company that values excellence, so we are always looking for progressive people who can help it innovate, and who are passionate about Cars especially Toyota and automotive excellence.

We follow a very simple philosophy that values the individual first. A person's freedom to express him or herself is given highest priority, because we believe this is the key to creative and successful team collaboration.

The selection process is detailed and precise - just what you might expect from a company that depends on meticulous and uncompromising attention to detail. Candidates are examined not only on their professional, technical and academic excellence, but also for their compatibility with Toyota principles and values.

Toyota Royal Motors looks for fresh graduates

Toyota Royal Motors is seeking recent graduates of world-class universities to offer them a unique work experience and the opportunity to grow within the Company. The search is being conducted for the following areas: Technical, and After Sales/ Assistance area.

If you have received an outstanding bachelors/masters degree in the last 12 months, have a very good knowledge of the English language and are interested in testing yourself in a company where passion and innovation are core values, then send us a CV right away.

Toyota Royal Motors knows that the best performance is only achieved if employees feel empowered and appreciated. We also believe that the quality of its cars and services cannot be separated from the lives of the people working at the Dealership. That's why the working environment and welfare of the people working there are the most important priorities.

The Toyota Royal Motors is a model work environment. The philosophy behind the creation of Dealership's working areas dictated that their functions should be designed with the needs of employees firmly in mind. Consequently, the whole dealership area combines carefully designed lighting systems, green areas, damping, and special measures aimed at reducing environmental impact, with advanced technologies which includes oil water separation plant, maximum use of sunlight to reduce the electricity usage etc.

Our employees also benefit from an extensive range of education, training and wellbeing programmes. Language lessons are also offered, along with an on-going training programme covering both the professional development and the specific interests of employees.

And as a result, Toyota Royal Motors believes that visitors to the Dealership will discover not only innovative cars and service facilities but a world of knowledge and passion for automotive excellence, carried out by people making the best possible use of their talent.

Internships at Toyota Royal Motors

Ready for an internship like no other? Toyota Royal Motors interns play a vital role in dealership's daily operations in almost every department of the organization - from Customer Relations to Accounts & Finance and from Service to Sales. Our interns work alongside experienced staff members to gain unparalleled experience in their chosen field and contribute their talents and energies to Toyota Royal Motors mission. Our internships are offered throughout the year and candidates are paid a healthy stipend for them.


A candidate must be a graduate student, an undergraduate student or a recent graduate (must have graduated from college within twelve months of the beginning the internship semester).

How to Apply ?

Send your CV at

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